Wet Room or Walk in Shower?

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Wet Room or Walk in Shower?

Walk in Shower or Wet Room?

By now you probably know that there are three options for showering:

  • shower enclosure (shower tray, shower door and side panel(s)
  • walk in shower  (shower tray and shower screen)
  • wet room (shower screen)

Wet room or Walk in Shower

If you are thinking of replacing a bath with shower enclosure, you can find more information here.

Wet rooms and walk in showers have become symbolic of modern bathrooms. Both provide an extremely clean look and make having a bath tub optional, but a lot of consumers are unsure of the exact differences and considerations when having a wet room or a walk in shower installed in their home.

With wet rooms becoming increasingly fashionable, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of installing a walk in shower versus a wet room in greater detail and hopefully clear up some of the confusion!

In this article we will look at:

  • Advantages of a walk in shower
  • Disadvantages of a walk in shower
  • Advantages of a wet room
  • Disadvantages of a wet room

Advantages of Walk In Shower Walk in shower

Walk in showers contain a tray which helps to cut down on water spillage and keeps the water in the shower area. We recommend Stone Resin slimline shower trays as they provide easy access and can be cleaned or maintained quite simply.  Trays can be provided with bacteria resistant and/or non slip options. As a result there are many benefits to this type of installation:

  • Speed of installation – The speed of installing a shower tray is much quicker than the installation of full wet room. Onsce the shower tray is installed the next step is to simply install tiles around it. If you’re under time constraints this could be something you would want to consider.
  • Cost – Installing a walk in shower is around 50% cheaper than installing a full wet room. If you’re on a tight budget you may want to consider opting for the walk in shower instead of an entire wet room.
  • Durability – Shower trays will last for a considerable time. There might be a slight problem with discolouration in the long run, but In the event that your tray becomes damaged, the cost of a replacement is 70% cheaper than replacing a tray in a wet room.


Disadvantages of Walk In Shower

  • Functionality – In a wet room your floor would certainly be completely flat and arguably look more streamlined. Walk in showers also put you in a more confined space, so there can be less room to store any products and toiletries you need in and around your shower.
  • Safety – A consideration has to be taken for elderly people, who would find the lip at the end of the shower tray sometimes challenging.
  • Aesthetics – Some people can find the look of a shower tray with a lip unattractive. Today, most of our bathroom installation clients will prefer the look of the wet room. Also, sometimes, shower trays discolour and scratch.


Advantages of Wet Room Wet room Tray and shower

  • Stylish – Wet rooms are extremely stylish and create a fantastic modern look, focusing on clean lines. Incorporating a wet room as a second bathroom within your home can substantially increase the value of your house.
  • Easier maintenance – Wet rooms can be simpler to clean, with no shower screen or tray to worry about your main concern is the flooring. If you have a wall hung toilet and sink you will have even more space and less cleaning worries.
  • Efficient use of space – Having a wet room is also ideal if you have a smaller bathroom. There’s a lot more space created when you remove the bath and it can visually double the size of your bathroom.
  • Safety – Wet rooms increase the safety of your bathroom significantly. The risk of slipping is greatly diminished as you no longer have to step in and out of the shower, a big help for elderly or disabled people.

You can have underfloor heating installed in your wet room as well for ultimate comfort and luxury!


Disadvantage of Wet Room

  • Cost – One of the main downsides of installing a wet room in your home is cost. A wet room installation will normally cost around £500.00 more to install than walk in shower. Wet rooms must be fully tiled from the floor to the ceiling. Depending on the size of your bathroom this can increase the overall cost.

Also if you have porous stone bathroom tiles installed, they will probably need to be resealed every 3-4 months.

The quality of wet room installation plays important factor in the long term cost of maintenance.  If this is done improperly you could have a large amount of damage caused by leaking water.

  • Keeping everything dry! – If you have a small bathroom, spray from the shower can get on your bathroom fixtures and fittings which could be potentially hazardous. You’ll need to make sure your loo roll is well out of the way!

Wet room or Walk in Shower Dilemma

As you can see there are pros and cons to both styles; wet rooms and walk in showers. Considerations regarding cost, safety, time and style will play a big role in deciding whether you wish to have a full wet room installed in your home, or simply go for the walk in shower for that modern look and feel.

For the advice on what is better, wet room or walk in shower and quick quote, contact us.

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