Wet Room Installation

Wet Room Installation Process

Wet Room Installation

Wet Room Installation Process

Once you’ve decided to install a wet room in your home, your thoughts will naturally turn to what the installation process will actually entail. In this guide we will explore some of the factors that need to be considered when installing a wet room, giving you the confidence you need when making such a big change to your home.


Wet Room installation falls into four broad steps:

    1. Installing a floor former
    2. Installing an underfloor drain and waste trap
    3. Waterproofing
    4. Fitting the tiles


Installing a Floor Former for the Wet Room

A floor former is used to create a seamless level access in your  wet room. They are installed on the floor joist (in the case of wooden floor)  installation of your wet room and come with a pre-formed gradient which allows  water to flow to the drain in the correct manner. This way, tiles will have to follow the gradient lines of the floor former and water will not pool on the floor, potentially causing a safety risk in your wet room.

You will need to make sure that the floor former you purchase is compatible with the flooring you have; be it vinyl, tiles or wooden flooring. Floor formers are generally very sturdy, and some can support upwards of 300kg of weight.


Installing an Underfloor Drain and Waste Trap

The main concern when installing your wet room underfloor drain and waste traps is that you have the appropriate level of fall. This will ensure that all waste drains away properly. Your waste pipe will need to have enough support along its entire length to make sure it does not sag, which can cause problems such as leakage. Click on the link to read about difference between Wet Room and Walk In Shower.


Waterproofing Wet Room

If you have a tiled bathroom flooring the next step will be waterproofing it. Firstly you need to ensure that our drain is 100% water tight as this is obviously the area which would have the most potential leaks.

Normally you will have a tanking (waterproofing) kit which will contain all the things you need to waterproof your wet room; primer, sealing tape, sealing mat, tape roller, and liquid rubber primer.

You will need to use a soft brush to apply the primer to your shower walls and floor, and it normally takes around 30 minutes to dry. You will then need to fit the waterproof membrane approximately one meter around the shower tray and up to one meter height on the wet room walls.


Fitting Wet Room Tiles

When installing tiles in a wet room it is important to make a right Wet room Tray and showerchoice of the wet room drain. You can read more about bathroom flooring options here

  1. For Circular wet room drains – it is better to use smaller or mosaic tiles, which will be easier fit to follow pre-formed gradient.
  2. For Linear wet room drainslarger floor tiles will be a perfect match.

Mosaic tiles may be the best option; they provide easy coverage of the drain gradient required in your wet room. Non-porous tiles including porcelain or ceramic tiles would also be a suitable choice for use within a wet room.

We hope that you have found this page informative and that we have made a wet room installation process a little bit more clearer!

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As long as you keep these simple factors in mind, you will be on your way to having a functional, fantastic looking wet room in your home in no time at all.


Wet Room Installation Process by Bathroom Solution

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