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Bathroom Installation Options

 Bathroom Installation Options

Bathroom installation options cover a very broad term.  First there are options on bathroom design, like the look and effect you want to achieve, than there are options on bathroom products and finally options on bathroom accessories.

If you are interested to learn about bathroom installation options, we have broken down the process into a clear and concise guide!

Lets take a look on these five bathroom installation steps

  1. Bathroom Survey and Consultation
  2. Bathroom Walls, Flooring and Plumbing Preparation
  3. Bathroom Walls and Tiling Installation
  4. Bathroom Products Installation
  5. Bathroom Accessories Installation

Let’s begin!

Bathroom Survey and Consultation with Bathroom IdeasBathroom Survey and consultation

The first thing we will do is  custom measure your bathroom to ensure that we have 100% accurate measurements of your bathroom space. Taking in account your needs, for example, low line shower tray for ease of access or wall hung toilets for better design look, we will advise you on best places to fit it and cost involved.

Inevitable, sometimes your wishes will not be possible to execute, but we will take you through different bathroom design options and also advise on which bathroom products are best suited for your particular needs.

This will take in account  what is suitable for your particular level of water pressure, position of the soil pipe,  which taps will be the best fit for your needs, how different shower controls will affect your experience and also which toilet will both look stylish and be a practical fit for your bathroom.


Advise on Bathroom Showrooms in Watford area

We can also advise you on the best bathroom showroom in the greater Watford area, utilising our extensive industry contact list. We deal with many different  bathroom showrooms on a day to day basis and on many occasions provide our customers with a trade discount. We strongly believe on passing savings on to our customers whenever it is possible!


Bathroom Walls, Bathroom Flooring and Plumbing PreparationBathroom Flooring ideas

Having your old bathroom prepared for a new installation can uncover hidden problems.

An assessment will be made of your walls as on some occasions water damage can cause a need for a complete re-plastering job.

Equally as important as your walls and floor, concealing pipes and wastes are next priority. The problems can occur where the bathroom floor is concrete and where the walls are solid. To hide any unsightly pipes into the solid walls and flooring will take more work but it will be  giving you a much sleeker look to your bathroom. Nobody likes to see boxes running along a nice new floor, I’m sure you’ll agree!


Bathroom Walls and Tiling InstallationBathroom Walls and Flooring installation

Getting your tiles ready for installation on your walls and flooring can require a fair bit of preparation. Flooring and walls must be completely flat and level to absolutely ensure a perfect tile fit and a perfect tile fit is what we are looking for!

In the case of Wet Room installation, before tiles are put in place, we will need a wet room tray to put in place. Wet room tray will help channel the water into the drain, also give the gradient required for drainage and be completely flush with a flooring tiles.

We will install your flooring and wall tiles to the absolute highest level of precision. As we take so much care with our bathroom surveys and measurements you can always rest assured the tiling will look flawless.


Bathroom Products InstallationBathroom products installation

Once all the tiling and plumbing connections are in place the scene is set for installing the rest of bathroom products.  As stated during the bathroom survey section, we will help you choose the most appropriate products for your bathroom. Both in terms of looks and cost.

We understand the shower tray must be completely level and the waste pipe hidden under the floor. For any disabled or elderly customers, we advise a low line, anti slip shower trays to avoid having to step into the shower.

Basically, bathroom products can be installed very quickly once the tiles and plumbing connections are perfectly fitted. That is why is so important to have good quality tiler who will make sure that everything is level.

Last but not least, we of course will also install your toilet or bidet.


Bathroom Accessories InstallationBathroom accessories installation

By now your bathroom will be looking fantastic and almost finished! There are just a few final touches to apply. This is where your bathroom accessories come in.

The last part of bathroom installation is to  install bathroom mirror or cabinets. Many customers now opt f

or LED lights incorporated into mirrors and cabinets, which we can connect into the electricity for you.

We also install heated towel rails for those cold winter mornings! All with modern style valves and pipes coming from the wall.

The only thing missing now is a bath and shower screen. We will advise you on the correct style for your unique bathroom, and of course provide full installation.

Conclusion on Bathroom Installation Options

As you can see there are quite a lot of considerations when installing your new bathroom. Whether you are wondering about the right type of bath/shower to install or simply confused about the dimensions of your bathroom, we hope this article has provided you with some guidance when it comes to installing your new bathroom. We are as dedicated to perfection as you are!

 Bathroom Installation Options by Bathroom Solution Watford

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