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Bathroom Installation Cost Guide

Bathroom Installation Cost

Bathroom installation can be an overwhelming experience even for the most knowledgeable of home renovators.  The sheer number of different options available, coupled with the amount of technical jargon involved can make budgeting for a bathroom installation extremely tricky. There’s no need to worry however!

We will clear up all your bathroom installation questions and queries in this easy to follow, jargon-busting guide.

There are four main factors that need to be considered when estimating the cost of your bathroom installation:

  1. What is the location of the main soil pipe?
  2. Is there a low water pressure?
  3. Are the bathroom walls and floor solid or timber?
  4. Is the Electrical consumer unit RCD protected?

Still confused?

No need to panic! Let’s look at these four questions in more detail and figure out what effect they are having on your bathroom installation cost and how you can save money on bathroom installation.

Soil Pipe LocationSoil Pipe location

 Why is the location of the soil pipe so important?

So you’ve decided to remodel your bathroom and you’re thinking of moving the toilet to a new location.  Shouldn’t be too hard of a job for a plumber right? Well that all depends on the location of your soil pipe…

In the vast majority of cases toilets are connected to the main soil stack via the soil pipe. Changing the location of the toilet will often require an alteration to the soil pipe which can add to the cost of your bathroom installation.

The alteration to your soil pipe depends on two key factors:

  • Distance from the soil pipe to the new toilet location and…
  • The type of material used in your bathroom flooring.

The distance from the soil pipe to the new location of your toilet will have to be very carefully measured to ensure that the soil pipe has adequate gradient for drainage.

If the soil pipe does not have the required amount of drop, waste will not be able to move through freely which can lead to blockages. Not what you want in your nice new bathroom I’m sure you’ll agree!

The other factor to consider is the type of bathroom flooring used.  If you have concrete flooring in your bathroom, any alteration required to the waste pipe will become many times more difficult. Again the problem is getting the right amount of drop into your waste pipes.

In order to make absolutely sure you have the required drop for the waste to flow, your waste pipe will have to be sunk into the solid flooring and this creates a lot more man-hours of work and can be a tricky and delicate operation.

As you can see, changing the location of your toilet does not come without its difficulties!  On average most people who do not change the location of their toilet can expect to save between £300 and £500 on the cost of their bathroom installation, depending on the size and scope of the project and the difficulty of the refit.

Low Water Pressure

Why is water pressure important?

The level of water pressure you are getting is potentially another key factor in the cost of your bathroom installation.  If you have a Combi-Boiler you are in luck! There’s no need to worry, thermostatic showers will work absolutely fine for you.

However if you are using a gravity system (hot water tank in the bathroom, cold water in the loft) a pump will need to be installed in order to ensure your thermostatic shower is working correctly. If this is the case for your bathroom, the cost of installing a pump for the gravity system can be from £350 to £550. Potentially an important cost to factor into the budget of your bathroom installation.

Bathroom Walls and FlooringBathroom walls and flooring options

How do my bathroom walls and flooring factor into the cost of installation?

How you want your bathroom flooring and walls finished can have a big effect on the cost of your bathroom installation.

The majority of bathrooms have exposed pipes, often fitted into the box sections around your bathroom.

However some people feel that this detracts from the appearance of the bathroom and like to hide the pipes in the bathroom walls or alternatively the bathroom flooring.

The problem is when you remove your old tiles from your bathroom wall, often some of the plastering ends up getting removed with them! This can require a re-plastering of the bathroom walls or sometimes even a complete re-boarding with new plasterboard.

Another issue to consider is that thermostatic concealed valves require a certain clearance (a minimum distance) before they can be safely fitted into your bathroom walls. Channels will need to be created in the walls in order to ensure the valves are at the right depth behind your bathroom walls.

If your bathroom walls are in a good condition already and you don’t mind seeing the odd pipe, the average client can end up saving between £800 and £1200 on additional work. Not a bad saving!

Electrical products and RCD Protection

What should I watch out for when installing electrical products in my bathroom?

Many people are now changing to LED lighting when embarking on a new bathroom installation. They are more environmentally friendly as well as providing great quality lighting within your bathroom.

However before you go out and purchase any LED lighting, you need to ensure that your main board is RCD (residual-current device) protected.

An RCD or residual-current circuit breaker (RCCB) is a device that disconnects a circuit when it senses that the current is not balanced between the energized (line) conductor(s) and the return conductor. If it’s not up to standard then your electrics cannot be legally worked on!

If you change the whole panel (including fuses) or install an RCD protected board, you can save from £150 to a whopping £650!

And because we’re feeling generous, here’s some bonus information on Wet Rooms!

Wet Room InstallationWat Room Installation

Will installing a Wet Room make my bathroom significantly more expensive?

Many people are now interested in having a Wet Room in their bathroom but are unsure of the costs and considerations involved.

Having an extremely good quality of installation is absolutely vital when you are putting a Wet Room in.  A poorly installed Wet Room will lead to a massive amount of leakage which will add up to big repair costs. Make sure your Wet Room has an under floor tray and the proper tanking. This consists of a membrane that covers the walls and flooring to ensure the water flows back into the tray correctly.  It’s also vitally important that all your tiling is expertly fitted, otherwise you can have similar problems with leakage.


As you can see, the costs of your bathroom installation can really start to mount depending on your exact specifications. Hopefully this guide has cleared up any confusion you may have had and has given you a better idea of how to set your budget.

Bathroom Installation Cost Guide by Bathroom Solution!


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