Bath vs Shower Enclosure

Replacing bath with shower

Bath vs Shower Enclosure

Replacing Bath With Shower Enclosure

Is it a good idea to replace bath with a shower enclosure?

That is a very common question these days.  Increasing number of people are opting to get rid of their Baths and just have a shower enclosure in their bathroom. We will dive in positives and negatives of Bath Vs Shower dilemma and give you a ‘middle way’ solution to this problem.

Here it is:

Positives to replacing bath with shower:

  • More free space – One positive aspect of replacing your bath with a shower enclosure is that it frees up a lot more space in your bathroom. Shower enclosures can be placed in the corner of your bathroom which obviously creates a much larger open space in the rest of the room.
  • Convenience and Ease of use – for today’s modern and fast life, it is much easier and quicker to have a shower than to fill up a bath tab.
  • More efficient – For the environmentally minded, having a shower also uses a lot less water than a bath.
  • Greater variety of options – Modern showers have a variety of options; multijets to reach each different part of the body, LED lighting and built in digital radio systems.

Negatives to replacing bath with shower:


  • House value – it is perceived by most of the estate agents that the house value will be affected if there is no bath in the main bathroom. Family houses and larger flats with two or more bathrooms,  should have a bath in the main bathroom to keep ‘traditional’ buyers happy. On the other hand, the value of one bedroom flats would not be affected, because most of their occupants are professional, fast moving people who would not have time to take a long bath.
  • More difficult to sell the house – Families will expect to find a bath in the main bathroom. If this is not the case, it will raise questions and objections to buying that particular house.
  • Cost of replacing bath with a shower– Another downside of replacing your bath with a shower enclosure can be cost. A bathroom suite may be more economical for you when you take into account the cost of installation of a shower, the shower tray and then having to tile bathroom walls and fit new bathroom flooring.

People who use shower more than the bath and don’t want to lose the value of their home can use the following ‘middle way’ bathroom solution.

Middle Way Bathroom Solution

Standard bath length is 1700 mm and if there is a sufficient room around, it would be possible to fit a shower cubicle together with small bath (size 1200 or 1300 mm) into existing gap.

Although, the bath would be smaller than the standard size bath, this will give you the security of knowing that your property will not be losing value due to not having a bath in the main bathroom.

Conclusion on replacing bath with shower enclosure:

The best solution may be to consider having both a bath and a shower enclosure in your bathroom. The standard size of a bath is 1700 x 700mm; if there is another 200m on the wall containing the bath it is possible to install a shower enclosure as well.  This would consist of a small deep bath measuring 1200 x 700 and then a shower enclosure with dimensions that would depend on the exact size of your bathroom. This is a great option for people who want the best of both worlds and do not wish to potentially devalue their property in a competitive housing market.

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